Not Your Basic Shirting


Borrow your boyfriend/husband/partner/one night stand’s basic striped shirt. Turn it into a skirt/top/shoe/etc. Below are our favorites, mostly from Chicago-based entities, so that your S.O. doesn’t have to go shirtless. 

Whether you want them to is a different story. Probably for a different kind of blog. Here’s your #shirtporn.


9315545_fpx bl-h024-blue-c5942dca2f90f362a026fd063c56c4202 APC_-_TINOS-1-2_1024x1024 photo-208ddfeb-f0ff-421d-a93a-4562bf9a382e860415_in_xl   photo-3572694f-4209-42a4-b71a-e07a90f03fae          846583_in_xlKKB16269   ow-bl-h-040-ig    tiered-sleeve-blouse



All images property of their respective links.

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