Dose Market Love


There are two types of noise. Buzz: when people gather around a bar, with bites, or coffee. When you’ve just purchased exactly what you were looking for and just had to tell someone. Friends finding each other (accessories are friends, too). A DJ playing upbeat, but not too loud music.

Then there’s the bad noise, the static. The effort of having to sift through so much low quality junk, or worse, the dread of realizing you’re already in that shop and have to get out, lest the owner drags you into awkward conversation. Walk away slowly.

Enter Dose Market: giving you just the right buzz, and none of the static, for a mere ten dollars. They’ve sifted through everything you don’t want, and brought you things you didn’t know you needed.

It’s easy to see why people flock to Dose. A lovely Sunday atmosphere for all of your vices: First, coffee and sweets, or juice if that’s your thing. Then there’s fashion, accessories, and everything in between. People writing poetry, others painting their hearts out. Head towards the bar. Take your drink to a couch. Flirt. Linger. It’s Sunday. Get dessert.

Don’t forget you checked your coat. It is after all, February in Chicago. How were they to know it was going to be 51°. Wasn’t there a fortune teller?

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