5 Girls You’ll Meet on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is one week away, in case you somehow haven’t noticed the overabundance of chocolate/flowers everywhere. A “holiday” impossible to ignore, no matter how much you try.
Thankfully, we’ve assembled some of the most common scenarios regardless of your relationship status: what you’ll be doing next Tuesday evening, and what you’ll want to be wearing.

1. Date Night.

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2. Out with the Girls.

Because F the patriarchy.

2-jumpsuit 4123293131633_062_b11785665_8454645_1000



3. Night in with your bae.

3-home-bf 41963661_069_b3d45a8142

4. Night in with your squad.

Why go out when you have Netflix and wine at home?

4-rose 9376163_fpx  24175cc39116c1917bfad8c86b6fc962photo-aab050e9-0155-430b-bb77-75fdb445f3c9d45a0530

5. Night in alone. 

No shame in self care.



s1765049-main-lhero           star-post-drop-earring            2-27-16-2199






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