Happy Chinese New Year!

Saturday, January 28th, marks the Chinese New Year. If you work in fashion, it also marks about a month-long hiatus from anything coming from China. And we mean A-NY-THIN-GUH! Although it’s easy to get frustrated at this due to our own scheduling issues, it is important to remember that this is the only time many Chinese workers see their families, some traveling days to get home. Knowing this, of course, makes our agendas seem so trivial.

In honor of Chinese New Year, we’ve rounded up our favorite items in red for your shopping enjoyment.

****Happy Year of the Rooster! ****

16_011_rider_26 9138283_fpx photo-6e37634b-bafd-4514-b129-de47c401a6f6 9174079_fpx  8803483_fpx

photo-548c010a-08f1-4fbc-a5a5-d9fce6f7016d9210627_fpx   682447_in_pp

apfel-1  690562_in_pp  9277764_fpx  raine2-450x675



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