Cold Weather Chic


Dear Chicago, I know you’re cold. I feel it too. But we can’t go on like this. Your cold-weather accessories game should be the best in the country. Instead, you’re trenching around like zombies who shoveled their way out of an avalanche. Don’t despair. Brighten up your winter with these warm and fun accessories. Your February self thanks you in advance.

If I catch you on the street you better be street-style ready. Good chat.

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aet16778   9182880_fpx antoouo3ftcjjlv1o6u1oulurnlww9kdyxn3oq59m7yqchwv8ssz35g0b1xzufvtupw7bloavgkfgcd6mrb9okg9jg2wb1qhyumsbai0hcyxzv1mla6ygp3pomv6o3nbqbulldog-umbrella-182332053bulldog-umbrella-182332053_1crh9t1rajmbvkllyjdi5imwhohqentno2w9nqo41th0c1g7wlo_rvyp9h0afa7ishc8-9nv7dbuhpymxr0hpaaaet16813     gzh28zd088ojk060msk7fhfl6eiomhdutdmvldctdws 161209_hat_product062

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