Prefall 2017: Trend Review


There has been a lot of disparity in the fashion industry as of late, and this season is no different. Prefall is usually known as a very transitional season, bridging the gap between summer and fall. Although with the “buy now, wear-now” phenomenon, it’s hard to tell whether a designer is designing for prefall, or for the season the show falls on (ie: now). To extract trends from Prefall is a bit hazy, since a lot of these styles are already available for sale. With the speed of the internet behind this shift, it may take a couple of years until the industry reaches a verdict on how to handle its seasons, or whether to have them at all. There’s no telling how this industry will evolve once (if) all the dust settles, but while we’re in this frenzy, let’s just go for the ride.

In the meantime, here’s the meat of Prefall 2017:

1. Black & White 
If you weren’t showing black & white, you weren’t showing Prefall 2017. Seriously, everyone was doing it.


2. The Right Stripes


3. Plaids
A lot of the time mixed with stripes. And in Black and White. You get where this is going. 


4. Tie It Up
Wide belts in a wide array of closures. 


5. Sequins 
are not just for NYE or disco parties as it turns out.


6. Rooted in Black 
Prints with black grounds.


7. Wild Side 
Animals lurking everywhere.


8. Goldenrod 
That sunshine feelin’.


9. Oddly Enough, 2016’s Pantones of the Year: Rose Quartz & Serenity
I know, weird because it’s 2017.


All runway photos property of Vogue Runway.
Pantone swatches property of Pantone.
Feature image: Fendi via Vogue Runway.

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