Ring in the New Year à la Tina Turner!


Girls, Listen Up! After A Long, Long Time, New Years Eve is finally upon us. If you want to be an Overnight Sensation and not a Private Dancer, Show some Respect to your inner Acid Queen. In case you find yourself with Not Enough Romance and need Help Making it Through the Night, picking out an outfit doesn’t have to be a Foreign Affair. This is The Best dress for NYE, where There’ll Always Be Music, All Kinds of People, and You Know Who. Go Ahead and kiss your Love Thing at midnight, but if you Ask Me how I Feel, I’d ponder, What’s Love Got To Do With It? Even though, I Can See For Miles that between Two People, Something Beautiful Remains.

Do What You Do, even if you don’t Break Every Rule Twenty Four Seven, go Falling for this dress because it is exactly Whatever You Need to go Dancing in Your Dreams.

Don’t Talk NowLet’s Stay Together and Look Me in the Heart because I have some Unfinished Sympathy to impart:

It’s Funny How Time Slips Away, yet in the Afterglow of the countdown, you find yourself Back Where you Started and that Absolutely Nothing’s Changed. I guess that’s just the Way of the World.

Happy New Year!

nye-tina-copy-copy      c270c53624793d00c8f44da405647f26

photo-e4c82e56-d859-4c53-af97-4b07d8c082e4      rectangle-hologram-hard-clutch


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